The hour was rather late when I was browsing through my emails at the end of the day (I’ve made it a habit to attend to correspondence once the family is more or less asleep). I was almost about to call it a day when an interesting email title caught my eye – “Lancome Absolue – 50th Anniversary Celebration’.’

Intrigued, I continued to plough through the email, picking up bits and pieces of the content (it was an ungodly hour, after all, and my mind isn’t as sharp as it used to be).After much digestion, I got the gist of the request. It was an invitation to be part of Lancome’s 50th Anniversary, as well as to be featured as an inspiring woman in their ‘Golden Glow’ category, a subsection of their Golden Standard Project.(see link here)

Its not all fun and games though – there was a task involved! They had requested that I design a ‘Golden Gown’, a dress to commemorate and pay tribute to the occassion. As always, whenever I receive a challenge of that sort, I immediately forget that I need to get up early the next morning, and instead of going to bed, begin to sketch on my ever-present drawing pad.


Here is the product of my sleep deprivation.

The event itself was a romantic affair at the Centre Court of the Pavilion, KL, where the theme of the day was cream and white. Walking around the area, I immediately felt like a Hobbit as tall beautiful models were gracefully gliding around, performing their social duties, while I minced about trying to do the same.


Local beauties Joanne Yew and Thanuja Ananthan adorned in some of my pieces (you’ll remember Joanne from the movie ‘The Journey’, and Thanuja as Miss World/Malaysia).



Heads and shoulders taller!

A free flow of champagne and canapes quickly set the mood/ambience to the classy yet lighthearted event, and before long, the attendees were casually mingling and performing the social dances. The first event of the day was a live painting event (yes, a painting was painted on the spot) by the talented Haze Long, accompanied by instrumental violin music performed by Rohnie Tan.


Both artists were on fire (figuratively)


Yes, this was drawn right there on stage. With hundreds of people watching. Talk about talent!


Some stage time with Joanne.

After the inspiring show, there was no shortage of entertainment, with make-up booths, hand-massage booths, and a vintage lounge photography booth set up for the guests. Subsequently, the day ended with a live demo from the Lancome make-up artist.


Handing out tokens of appreciation…


Selfies are a must, at any place and time.


And here’s the final product – a glamour photo op. And with my sketch in there too!

Many thanks to the good people at Lancome, for the invitation and for a wonderful experience! Not only do you offer amazing products, you sure know how to throw a party too!

Time to pamper my skin a bit.

Much love,
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