We were privileged to be invited to showcase as one of the designers at Weddings, Arts and Fashion 2015 held at Zebra Square.

Technically, it wasn’t my first stint there, showcasing my designs. Several years back, when I was still rather new in the business, I had actually gotten a slot in the MIFA 2011 event and it was a blast (see some videos of it here)! Not exactly my debut, nonetheless, you can imagine the nostalgic pangs I experienced when setting up shop there again after so long.

But enough of my ramblings. The Weddings, Art and Fashion show (or WAF to make it easier on the tongue and keyboard) is a glamorous affair that sees the latest and trendiest wedding inspirations gathered in a single place. In a collaborative effort by leading vendors in the wedding industry, the event was brought together by Wong Chai Yen and Andros Xavier Chan of The Wedding Notebook, and Elaine Yuen and Iz Mady of Funkydali. With these minds behind the scenes, one can safely repeat their catchphrase, “Not your regular wedding event.” In attendance during those 2 days were some noteworthy names like Monique Lhuillier and Jenny Packham, heavyweights in the wedding industry, as well as Alia Bastamam, Singapore-based Jessica Cindy and Innai Red! No shortage of celebrities here!

We were invited to join WAF and we took this opportunity to launch our Ready-to-wear bridesmaids collection – Entourage, as part of my foray into expanding my service line. Now, not only can the bride don one of my pieces, the whole gang of close friends and loved ones can share in the fun! It was really interesting to move away from my standard whites and beiges, and work with pastels and other solids.

It was also during my 4.00 p.m. slot on Saturday that I made an exclusive reveal of my embellishments that I had been working on for quite a while, together in collaboration with Swarovski Crystals. As they say, once you take the stage, stay as long as you can on it!

For those of you who prefer to see some moving pictures, instead of the gallery above, here’s a short video that perfectly encapsulates my day over there!

And it’s a wrap! Certainly an amazing experience and opportunity to get out there and meet and greet new people, all the while exchanging thoughts and ideas. Many many thanks to those who have so supportive throughout all these years!

With love,
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